About Kitchen of Flavours

Kitchen of flavours as the name suggests is a home for those who have passion for cooking and learning new recipes by adding their tint of flavour in the dish. We are a team of foodies who are exploring the best chefs around the country. We believe that the housewives and home chefs make the best delicacies around the corner, so here is the perfect hub for them to indulge in a wide variety of food from all parts of the country. To bring out the hidden chefs in all, we organize cooking contests, cooking classes, and workshops for all. Enter this world of food, brush your art and you are ready to go. So here is an opportunity by participating in our contest and showcase to the world your best skills. We bring to you a cooking contest that can be a turning point in your career.

About The Founder

Food is my passion. I have grown to watch my mother creating delicious and healthy meals for me. My art is in creating delicious and surprising dishes that will overwhelm your sense. Spices have played a great role in my Indian culture, and Indian hospitality is world-famous. I have learned the trick of blending different spices together to make a unique flavor. I roast and blend my own spices daily, which give a very distinctive taste and flavor to each individual dish. I prepared my dishes with passion and love. I focus on traditional ingredients, recipes, and cuisine that have been practiced in Northern India for centuries. In my opinion food preparation is an art that attracts the eyes, nose, and tongue towards it. And if you do it in the right way you can get people wanting more each time. My ambition is to provide employment to poor ladies and food for poor children. So the kitchen of Flavour’s is my dream passion and devotion who has already taken the first step and many more to go……..

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