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Offiling Cooing Contest

We, at Kitchen of Flavours, organize numerous Offline Cooking Contests to bring forth the real willingness and expertise in cooking. We have a keen interest in cooking, and we love to see people enjoying their time while cooking in our contests! Are you a competitive cook? Do you think you have the master recipe which can blow the mind of our master chefs? Are you fond of creating new conventional food that creates cravings, among others? Take part in our offline contests and get recognition from top chefs! Wondering how to participate? That’s very simple! Have a look at our FB page, and you will be notified of our next spot very soon.
Kitchen of Flavours has organized 1 grand offline cooking contest in Delhi, and we have a lot more contests around the corner. We expect enthusiasts like you in our contests!

Online Cooking Contest

Online Cooking Contests are an integral part of Kitchen of Flavours, where a substantial number of people take part and showcase their know-how of cooking skills! We have coordinated 10 majorly online cooking contests till now, and abundant numbers of contests are on the schedule to get started soon! Are you a veteran cook with hands-on experience in the kitchen? Does your time revolve around different ingredients, finding the secret to making flavourful dishes? Do you think you can make a spectacular recipe with simple instruments? We are waiting for you! We want you to keep pride in your cooking and get prizes from us. Our master chefs, Viki Ratnani, Ajay Chopra, Ashish Bhasin, will choose the top cooks, and winners will be awarded prizes and certificates! Moreover, at Kitchen of Flavours, we always do giveaways on every occasion throughout the year!  So, what are you waiting for? Always keep an eye on our FB Page!

Kitchen Appliances and Item related to Food Shoot

We at kitchen of flavors believe in sharing what we have learnt and what we use. Let’s all be a part of healthy kitchen by getting to know how we strive to be the best. We have been promoting the best set of kitchen appliances and items related to food which can not only make your product reach new dimensions because of the vast network of people we are associated with. Wondering what is the secret behind a delectable dish with properly added nutrients which makes it chef’s special? Well, here we are to share you the best kitchen appliances and items which helps us be the best chefs but also manage high proteins food in budget appliances. As we all know steel appliances are the best and economical to use for the kitchen so here, sharing the secret that we use the best for the best. And not only steel appliances but any kitchen appliance and items related to food that follow all the health norms, we consider an opportunity to reach the right amount of people for the overall development

Company Complete food Product Shoot

Getting hands-on products that will help avoid wastage and cooking effortless is time-saving magic in your hands. That being said Kitchen of flavors is a one-stop destination for associating with different genres of companies dealing in various varieties of food. We personally indulge in the photo shoot by getting it done by top-rated chefs working for us, thus improving any organization’s reach also focusing on the brand value implication. We help in letting people take wise decisions for all their kitchen needs by associating with different companies because we believe in being an efficiently minimal and strategically smarter in India. Therefore building trust wherever we reach, providing quality services not only in the food items we deal in but also in delivering complete food product shoot that too a complete hassle-free setup.

Dish Prepared with the particular product of the company

Now as we have successfully ventured into promoting various brands dealing in multipurpose appliances, items of food, and company complete food product shoot, we also have been getting many sponsorship opportunities from companies in reference to promoting different dishes by using a particular product as the special ingredients. Who doesn’t want a tadka in their boring Ghar ka khana, so it is very much important that such products are highlighted not only to give the dish the aroma it has lost, but also to focus on the health benefits and budget in hands? So, there are multiple companies whom we have associated with and are open for sponsorship to help the organization focus on quality while getting the right audience for them. Looking for the brand to get your secret ingredient famous, we are the one for that.

Live Session

The founder of Kitchen of flavors, Ira Bhargava Singhal, comes to life every Monday at 9.30 pm with her magnificent recipes. If you want to know how with some simple, easily accessible ingredients one can cater to the supremacy in delights of foods, you can’t afford to miss our live sessions! Our live sessions are fully packed with knowledge, tips, and tricks of cooking in the better way possible! Almost all of our live sessions are interactive and more than 30 mins long, which can be a huge added advantage for you if you are a food lover and love to spend time in your sweet heaven, aka kitchen! Different kinds of dishes are prepared by our chef Ira Bhargava Singhal, in our live sessions. You can understand all the nitty-gritty of mindful cooking full of flavors and surprise your family members with that. So, start watching our live sessions and be the best ever super chef for your family members!

Cook Together Sessions

We organize Cook Together Sessions through Zoom and our FB page on various special days. So, what Cook Together exactly is? Well, it’s an hour-long session full of cooking fundamentals. Ira Bhargava Singhal, along with many other participants, takes part in this Cook Together live session. All of the ingredients are previously declared and provided with. As the name describes, our chef comes online, interacts with other participants, and continues cooking the recipe. We keep pride in declaring that we have achieved the landmark of 20 million views in our live sessions. Our Bake Along and Cook Along Live Sessions are very much appreciated among fellow cooks around the globe! Most importantly, all of our live sessions are totally free of cost! And the value from these live sessions is innumerable. If you also want to participate in our contests or live sessions, always be tuned on our FB page!