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Live Cooking

The founder of Kitchen of flavors, Ira Bhargava Singhal, comes to life every Monday at 9.30 pm with her magnificent recipes. If you want to know how with some simple, easily accessible ingredients one can cater to the supremacy in delights of foods, you can’t afford to miss our live sessions! Our live sessions are fully packed with knowledge, tips, and tricks of cooking in the better way possible! Almost all of our live sessions are interactive and more than 30 mins long, which can be a huge added advantage for you if you are a food lover and love to spend time in your sweet heaven, aka kitchen! Different kinds of dishes are prepared by our chef Ira Bhargava Singhal, in our live sessions. You can understand all the nitty-gritty of mindful cooking full of flavors and surprise your family members with that. So, start watching our live sessions and be the best ever super chef for your family members!

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