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Online Cooking Events

Online Cooking Contests are an integral part of Kitchen of Flavours, where a substantial number of people take part and showcase their know-how of cooking skills! We have coordinated 10 majorly online cooking contests till now, and abundant numbers of contests are on the schedule to get started soon! Are you a veteran cook with hands-on experience in the kitchen? Does your time revolve around different ingredients, finding the secret to making flavourful dishes? Do you think you can make a spectacular recipe with simple instruments? We are waiting for you! We want you to keep pride in your cooking and get prizes from us. Our master chefs, Viki Ratnani, Ajay Chopra, Ashish Bhasin, will choose the top cooks, and winners will be awarded prizes and certificates! Moreover, at Kitchen of Flavours, we always do giveaways on every occasion throughout the year! So, what are you waiting for? Always keep an eye on our FB Page!

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